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Accounting, tax, and financial management

We handle everything concerns to accounting for your company plus taxing processes, financial planning, financial consulting, and financial statements from the simpler to the more complex process.

Tax Inspection:

We audit the compliance of legal requirements to determine the reasonableness of the financial statements. We are an advisor of your current situation in order to strengthen and enhance your financial status.

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards):

We are a trusted advisor for IFRS through an exclusive department working along with you. This Team of experts is focusing on the fine-tuning of your company´s accounting processes addressing them to comply with the required international standards.

Positive balance refunds from DIAN

We take care of claims of positive balance refunds from DIAN, generated from income tax statements.

Income Statement

We are a trusted advisor for natural persons to helping them to create their income tax statements. We consider expenses, banking movements, and all the needed financial information to create the perfect income tax statements.

Legal Management:

Our outreach in legal affairs has the highest level within the companies we work with. We provide this service based on Corporate partnerships supported by Cuadro Legal law firm.


Since the beginning, one of the most important values inside of MdeC has been encouraged his teamwork to do their daily operations the best way they can. In our first year of operations, We start with only 3 clients managed by only 2 people; nowadays, we had been increased, exponentially, the number of partners as well as the number of associates since there has been past more than 4 years where we were able to grow on talent and experience within the market.


The passion for delivering to our customers and allies an integrated accompaniment of our services is one of our main objectives. Furthermore, starting from the direction, passing through planning and appropriation of technical resources, we supported all our processes by enrollment to:

  • Colombian Institute of Tax Law (Main partner).
  • The Special Administrative Unit Central Board of Accountants.
  • National Institute of Public Accountants (INCP by its Spanish initials).
  • International Standard for Quality Control (NICC1).

Our brand is a Trademark registred by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

Our working method

We know that listening is more important than talking. Therefore, our first step is to attend to the needs of our clients in order to guide them on a better path.

After listening, we implement our knowledge to identify the best path for our clients. The Mundial de Contadores team is made up of specialized accountants in various areas, thus generating a multidisciplinary work team that allows a vision from different professional perspectives.

We analyze the situation in detail and produce a diagnosis. Based on this, we prepare a work proposal and budget.

This is where we implement our multidisciplinary knowledge, to optimize the resources of companies, under the legal framework.

Profile of our work team

These are the skills that the World Accountants team has. We have the best human and professional team

Analysis capacity

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If the DIAN is causing you inconvenience, you need a tax audit or simply accounting advice to boost your business, write us! we are the best.

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